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Articles of Incorporation




The primary purpose for which the corporation is formed is the preservation, promotion, propagation, and registration of horses of a specific breed originally and presently bred by the Romany people of the British Isles. This horse has been known by a number of names: Proper Cob, Gypsy Cob, Coloured Cob, Irish Cob, Tinker Horse, and, most recently, Gypsy Vanner.  This organization will refer to this horse as the Gypsy Horse, but will be accepting and non-discriminating of the other names by which this horse is called.

In Addition,  the Corporation also exists for the following specific functions:

1.     To maintain, protect, and document the heritage of the Gypsy Horse and implement any and all necessary rules and procedures to accomplish this end.

2.     To aid and encourage the breeding, exhibition, and perpetuation of the Gypsy Horse by coordinating and encouraging the participation of Gypsy Horses in open         competition events, activities, and multiple discipline competitions, including recreation.

3.     To devise and promulgate horse show and other activity rules, regulations, and standards and to provide for the education and licensing of judges and officials         necessary for events and activities.

4.     To maintain, operate, promote, and support effective registry record- keeping functions.

5.     To promote, educate, and stimulate popular interest in the outstanding qualities of the Gypsy Horse.

6.     To provide educational programs and activities in the proper care and propagation of the Gypsy Horse, including history and characteristics of their breeding,         genetics, and husbandry. To do so, the organization will publish and disseminate useful information and provide activities  to assist and encourage the         development and maintenance of the highest quality of Gypsy Horse.

7.     To coordinate, encourage, assist with, and conduct exhibits and demos for the purpose of demonstrating and promoting the outstanding performance, beauty,         and gentle demeanor of the Gypsy Horse.

8.     To provide guidance and engage in fund raising activities to further the purposes of the corporation.

9.     To aid, foster, and promote the preservation and use of the Gypsy Horse and engage in activities and undertakings incidental to this objective.