Candidate Christina Riggs:

Christina Riggs is the owner Serenity Farm Gypsy Horses located in Southeast Michigan. She fell in love with Gypsy Horses the first time she watched a friend during a training session with her mare, Christina quickly recognized the outstanding temperament these horses have and wanted one for her quickly became six.

She feels that she was very blessed to own these amazing horses, and she tries to share them with as many people as possible. She has a long term personal goal her horses working with the patients and families she cares for. Christina has been a hospice nurse for 12 years, she is no longer working at the patient’s bedside as she is now working at a corporate level and has served on various committees and has extensive experience with quality improvement projects, customer satisfaction, budgeting, strategic planning, sales and marketing.

Christina also was invited to hold a seat on local safety committee for our school district which included researching safely measures, current system breakdowns within the district and problem solving. Christina supports the Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit and worked with their committee as far as brainstorming and setting up their circuit shows, classes and regulations. She continues to support and attend as many of their shows and events with her horses because the strong focus on the youth, promoting friendship, supporting and encouraging each other.

Christina and her three children work hard to promote Gypsy Horses with many shows and local events such as the lighted Christmas Parade, Share your Gypsy at Tractor Supply store events, local petting zoos and they also welcome many visitors to their farm to provide education on Gypsy horses, their nutrition and their care. Christina's farm offers boarding to Gypsy horses and also breeding for a small number of foals per year.

She belongs to a small group of people who are currently working on getting the local fairgrounds to add Gypsy classes to the fair. They have invited our horses to attend this summer and put on demos to educate our county on these amazing horses.

Christina would like to help the GHA in its current path but would love to see more of a GHA present throughout The Midwest area, with Booths and horses representing the registry at big equine events such as the Equine Affair in Ohio and The Stallion Expo in Michigan. She would also like to see more youth support within the breed and registry.

Thank you for your consideration.

Christina Riggs

Serenity Farm Gypsy Horses